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January 2015 Edition
Focus Topic: Innovations

Scott & Andy Review Cool Innovations for 2015

Past Aquatic Innovations – Some Good and Some Bad

Pat Benatar, Men at Work, Duran Duran, The Police. Chances are that you not only remember listening to these bands, but you remember watching them. That’s because these are some of the first bands that helped create the cable TV sensation MTV back in 1981. I can still remember coming home from school and watching music on the television. What a concept! Tom Freston, one of the founders of MTV, said, “Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.” OK, but…

Remember the GSC? Of course, you don’t. The Genesis Storytime Channel showed pages of children’s picture books, just pages, no narration, every minute of the day. Innovative? Yes, according to Freston’s defintion, but destined for failure. Books are for reading; television is where parents park their kids when they want some alone time. The swimming pool industry has seen its share of both MTV and GSC. Let’s start with the bad combinations.

In 1962, a few months before the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.S. patent office issued patent 3,118,148 for the “combination swimming pool and bomb shelter.” This innovation would feature “a swimming pool structure in which one or more walls form a common wall of a bomb or fall-out shelter, and/ or storage bunkers in which food, clothing, medical supplies, fuel, etc, may be stored and to which access may be had from the interior of the pool in time of emergency.” Honey I hear the air raid sirens. Drain the pool! The pool would feature “a foldable cover … to convert the pool into a dwelling, providing shelter against radiation.” Genius. Frolic in the pool all summer, then eat canned peaches in it throughout the nuclear winter. I have to say, this patent, which details everything from the cover hinges to the toilet facilities, is not the worst idea.

The worst idea would be U.S. patent number 3,905,208 issued in 1973 for the creation of Read the rest of this entry »

Scott’s Super Bowl Rings

Check out Scott Camp’s Super Bowl rings!!

Actually they belong to Charlie Batch, former Eastern Michigan University quarterback, Detroit Lion, and two time Super Bowl winner with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Charlie is now a motivational speaker and came in to charge up the audience at the Accu-Tab conference in Florida last week.

Watch this video to get a small taste of how Charlie Batch is trying to impact the world through his new career.

A Failure to Innovate: A Hotel in Decline

While playing a round at the Bellair Country Club in Bellair Florida, Scott Camp visited the site of the Belleview-Biltmore Hotel, once the largest wooden structure in the world. Sadly, if you fail to innovate, eventually you’re going to get torn down.

Air Quality Problems? Check this out

This is a one minute video to show you the effectiveness of the Paddock Evacuator™ in actual facilities using liquid nitrogen to represent chloramines and other harmful disinfectant by-products just above the pool’s surface. Here, you’ll see the Paddock Evacuator Bench, Paddock Evacuator In-Deck, and Paddock Evacuator In-Gutter.

Chlorine Generator – ChlorKing NEX-GEN

Last month Scott Camp announced the ChlorKing NEX-GEN as being his favorite innovation for 2014. This month we thought it would be good to provide a little more background information on the product. If you want more information, just call the Aquatic Source office (248) 366-0606

ChlorKing® NEX-GEN systems are designed specifically for commercial swimming pool applications. Ranging in sizes from 5 – 80lb’s per day, these generators are ideally suited for all commercial swimming pools and water parks. The unique design, simplicity and ease of use make this line of generators the most viable alternative to traditional chlorine available on the market today.

With fuel costs continuing to rise and bulk storage of chlorine becoming an ever increasing problem, many pool operators are seeking safer, more cost effective solutions for the sanitization of commercial swimming pools. On-site production of chlorine as a solution of sodium hypochlorite alleviates those unnecessary risks and puts an end to ever increasing chlorine prices and storage issues. The only raw material, salt, is an inert, safe compound that is stored in a feeder on-site and used as required by the chlorine generator.

NEX-GEN technology is the only viable solution to Read the rest of this entry »

Winner of the iPad Mini was……

Jerry Jones

Director of Operations

St Johns High School



Congratulations Jerry!!

Thank you for being an Aquatic Source customer!!

If you missed the December edition and have no idea what this is about, Aquatic Source gave away an iPad mini to one customer as a Christmas gift. All you had to do is place an order for anything during the month of December and you’re automatically entered into the drawing.

Rapper vs Talking Dog

We always like to add something funny to each edition but this month we had a real dilemma. Scott liked the Rapping Pool Guy but he was always drawn to the Talking Dog. Leave a comment below and let us know which one you thought was funnier.