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February 2015 Edition
Focus Topic: Saving Money

Aquatic Source Welcomes Bill Babcock

Aquatics Facility Operator (AFO) Training Overview

Confirmed Training Dates

March 19-20, 2015 Summit on the Park, Canton MI click here for the flier

August 6-7, 2015 Holland Community Aquatics Center, Holland MI click here for the flier

Andy’s Corner: A Simple Pump Repair

Save Money on Acid

Renovations Help Revitalize Cities

Tell foreigners that you are from the United States and they will often ask, “Do you live near New York or Los Angeles?” Middle American cities, with the exception of Las Vegas, just don’t grab the world’s attention. We can’t compete on history with places like Rome or Istanbul, aren’t situated near our nation’s world-famous landmarks such as the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone, and can’t claim anything as beautiful as the boulevards of Paris or the islands of Stockholm. To quote the late, great author Elmore Leonard, “Cities like Detroit have to work for a living.”

Lately, Detroit hasn’t even had that to fall back on. Still, there are signs of renewal in Renaissance City. Knowing when they have a good thing, city officials have spent time and money refreshing the city’s parks and renovating the aquatic amusements in those parks.

Belle Isle Aquarium was the oldest continually running aquarium in North America when it closed in 2005. Now, volunteers are slowly bringing the aquarium and, with it, the entire island back to life. The public is now able to visit the aquarium every Saturday. River Rouge Park’s twin Olympic-sized pools hosted the 1956 Olympic trials but were forced to close in 2011. After a stunning $3,000,000 renovation, delighted neighborhood families can now enjoy the pools and the new bathhouse.

It’s doubtful that these parks will be featured in a German tourist’s Frommer’s Guide, but aquatic center renovation can revitalize an entire city and its population. Yes, it can be costly, but renovation can create new revenue streams, incorporate money-saving technologies, or just make an existing pool work more efficiently.

Consider the example of the Jeffersonsville Aquatic Center in Kentucky. Read the rest of this entry »

Saving Money by Changing Media

Conserving Water in the Showers can Save Money

by Ryan Pfund, Bradley Corp originally published in Aquatics International

Consider this: Standard commercial buildings in the United States pour through an average of 9.5 billion gallons of water every day, according to, a leading environmental responsibility information resource.

Now think about how much more water is consumed every day at waterparks, pools and other aquatics facilities.

Whatever type of aquatics facility you manage, a few easy changes can have a dramatic impact on water savings, especially showers.

A wide variety of valves, showerheads and options are available to meet individual needs, and selecting the right shower equipment is crucial. A wise choice can aid in water conservation, which translates into energy and cost savings, ease of maintenance, resistance to vandalism, and compliance with codes and regulations. Plus, patrons are certain to notice — and appreciate — updated shower fixtures.

Here are four factors to consider when upgrading or redesigning shower areas to maximize water conservation and savings, and minimize maintenance costs.

1 Traffic patterns. In upgrading shower facilities to reduce water usage and costs, it’s important to bear in mind the traffic flow.

In high-volume showers, Read the rest of this entry »

Aquatic Source to Present Energy Saving Strategies at MSBO

Michigan School Business Officials (MSBO) Annual Meeting in April at Cobo Hall in Detroit

Energy Saving Strategies for Pools, presented by Aquatic Source

Pools can be a great school and community asset, but they do require resources to maintain. From maintenance to energy usage, pools can be expensive to operate. There are ways to reduce those costs, however, particularly by utilizing good energy management strategies. Learn how to leverage operational practices, and various types of equipment, to significantly lower energy consumption with your pool.

Presenters: Norman Hamelin & Bill Babcock

Thursday, April 30, 1:20-1:50

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