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May 2015 Edition
Focus Topic: Great Pump Rooms

Your Pump’s Energy Star Rating. Is it real??

The subject of the growing number of salt water pools would make an interesting article for Michigan Pool News. Instead, let’s discuss salt water as it pertains to Ancient Mesopotamia. Trust me, it’s a good story.

One of the very first civilizations on the planet started around 10,000 years ago between the intertwined Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what is now Iraq. Yet, human-caused environmental changes led to increased instability and its ultimate decline. The primary cause: salt water. These rivers drain into the salty Persian Gulf and man-made irrigation systems washed salt water over the land. Over just a few years, once fertile farmlands could no longer support the booming population.

Environmental change caused by man is a theme that has repeated over civilizations throughout history. Ancient Greeks and Romans suffered from their deforestation and over-hunting. The wealthiest citizens in the Roman Empire were sickened by lead poisoning at the hands of their fancy indoor plumbing. Early governments knew they had to fight these battles, but were ineffective.

That brings us to your pump and equipment room. (Yes, it really does.) Because you don’t have to worry about the environment! Just look for the Energy Star sticker on your equipment, or better yet, apply to have your facility rated as an Energy Star approved pool. Well, is it really that easy?

Energy Star is “a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through Read the rest of this entry »

Effects on Swimmers

Scott @ Dakota High School

Thanks to Larry Wilke at Dakota High School!!

Signs of a Bad Equipment Room

Bill Babcock @ City of Grosse Pointe

Thanks to Chris Hardenbrook at the City of Grosse Pointe

Defender Helps Water Park Meet California Mandate

Neptune Benson’s Defender® Regenerative Media Filter was recently featured in the article “Drought: Giant Water Park Re-Opens, Claims to Conserve Water” on The article details challenges faced by water parks due to the ongoing drought and new mandates to conserve water.

Here’s an excerpt:

“In spite of a crushing California drought, the Waterworld water park in Concord opened for its 20th season, fending off criticism of its water use by citing a new machine called The Defender, which is a regenerative media filter. The Defender will recycle the pool water in the park so that the park will use no more than the one million gallons with which it starts the season, officials claim.”

“Al Garcia, Director of Marketing and Sales for Waterworld, told CBS San Francisco, “We want Read the rest of this entry »

ORP Control

By Clemente Rivera, originally published in Aquatics International

ORP is the oxidation reduction potential of water that is treated with an oxidizer, such as chlorine. Over the years, I have heard plenty of explanations of what ORP actually is, and how it works, with unfortunate results. Recently, I was driving and while playing with the gadgets on my new car, it dawned on me — ORP control can be compared to the cruise control in a modern automobile!

You see, ORP is a qualitative measurement of how well the oxidizer is performing. Regardless of the residual of oxidizer, a steady ORP will provide superior water quality, keep chloramines at bay, and, with further research, can provide the keys to today’s sanitation issues.

On a side note — pH control has to be stable at all times; if your pH is all over the place, have it evaluated by a pool professional. A pH system should be capable of maintaining a rock steady pH at all times, or else your ORP control will falter. I recommend a pH set point of 7.4 — the pH of the human tear.

So let’s get started with the explanation:
In your car, you have a cruise control system that maintains a steady mph (speed) regardless of the amount of gasoline being utilized (this is measured in mpg). If you activate the Read the rest of this entry »

Dumpster Pool on Letterman

In honor of David Letterman’s retirement this month check out this video of Bill Murray in the dumpster pool