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August 2014 Edition
Focus Topic: Major Maintenance & Renovations

Prepare for 2015 – Win a FREE 287 Point Aquatic Inspection

Prepare for 2015 and Eliminate Budget Surprises

Win a Free 287 Point Aquatics Facility Inspection

Aquatic Source conducts a 287 point detailed inspection of approximately 35 to 40 aquatics facilities in Michigan each year. The inspection is performed by either Kevin Rodenbo or Andy Gauthier our top senior service technicians. At the conclusion of the inspection you will receive a detailed report with budgetary amounts for items that need to be addressed right away and those that are coming in the near future. You will also have a one-on-one meeting with Scott Camp to review the report and answer any questions you may have.

The 287 Point Inspection covers the following areas

Mechanical Room, Filters, Pump/Motors, Heaters, Chemical Feeders, Safety Issues
Controllers, Air Quality, Surge Tank, Pool Surface Area, Pool Interior
Competitive Swimming equipment, Water Chemistry
Michigan Health Department – Safety Checklist

The value of this inspection ranges from $350 to $950 depending upon the size of your facility and the equipment involved. The information we uncover in this inspection is priceless!

This month Aquatic Source is giving away a free Aquatic Facility Inspection to one lucky reader of Michigan Pool News. To enter add your contact information below. Please note that you do not have to be a current Aquatic Source customer to enter.

Good Luck!

The inspection will be scheduled during the fall months at a day and time that fits both of our schedules.

Timing Your Renovations

Captain Aquatics Answers Your Mail

Even though we’ve published this column every month for about two years, we are still surprised by all the letters we get from readers, admirers, spambots, etc. Most readers just want to thank us for making sense of the Model Aquatic Health Code, enlightening them about swimming pool threats, or thrilling them with tales about new products or new business opportunities. Then there are the weekly cease-and-desist letters we get from Aquaman’s legal team…

Yet, despite all the information we pass along in our folksy format, we also get questions from our readers. You’re all so hungry for more information! So, this month we’ll sort through file drawer ‘Q’ and answer your questions.

Letter #1: Our aquatics facility is so old that the steel used in the water slide was actually milled and forged in the USA. Should we renovate or start from scratch?

Response #1: To say not much has changed in the past fifty years would be like saying Mackinac could use a decent fudge shop. These days, a pool renovation project can not only get you spiffy new slides and fresh grout, it can bring you the latest in safety and energy efficiency – pumps with variable frequency drives, LED lights, solar heating, deck air evacuation, and handicap access. You will have no problems finding ways to renovate your facility; finding the funding will be the tricky part.

But, municipalities all over the country are finding the funds. Sparta, in western Wisconsin, spent $4.5 million to renovate their facility originally built in 1946. They had a great site and the hole already dug, so renovation made sense. Of course, with renovation comes closure. King County, Washington is renovating their 2500 seat facility Read the rest of this entry »

Hudsonville High Implements UV

Hudsonville High School took the leap and installed an ultra violet light disinfection system (UV). This ETS installation was installed vertically (accepted installation) for space constraint situations.

Like all other installs, piping is schedule 80 PVC. With ETS’s thyristor technology, this unit actually only runs at 50% power to provide the MAHC validated dose of 65 mj. This saves the Client bulb life AND energy costs. ETS has an industry leading 5 year manufacturers limited warranty!!!

But wait…..there are things you need to know to activate and maintain this warranty. The unit must be serviced, by your local ETS distributer, per the manufacturers written instructions. The minimal maintenance and services performed at these bi-annual visits not only extend the life of the unit overall, but do maintain the superior warranty.

All and all, a clean install and a satisfied school district, now lovingly protected in the hands of UV Disinfection….Nice job Hudsonville, and we look forward to seeing UV on your new facility next year!

Watch this slide show video to see the highlights from the project.

Nick Shelton, Aquatic Source

Renovations at Lochmoor Country Club

After 15 plus years of a residential style liner in their 10’ x 20’ x 18” kiddy pool, Lochmoor Country Club decided it was time for a face lift! While liners have their place in Aquatics, shallow water and even the commercial application are not ideal situations for liners…especially in outdoor pools. We pulled more caulk and patch off of this liner than actual vinyl!

Important note for a redo like this…..DONT FORGET TO HYDRO BLAST!! In order for the new marcite or other masonry surface to bond to the shell of the pool, ALL adhesives and other urethane based products must be completely stripped from the structure. If you have a liner pool, expect your cost to be higher on the switch to marcite as hydro-blasting is not a well populated trade and it can be costly. If your contractor does not mention it in their proposal… might want to get the proverbial second opinion.

After the urethane is stripped, Read the rest of this entry »

Key Considerations When Building a Splash Pad

by Paul Steinbach, originally published in Athletic Business
(Photo courtesy of Commercial Recreation Specialists)

They’re bubbling up from Texas to Minnesota and from coast to coast as complements to traditional dry playgrounds and existing pools, as well as stand-alone aquatics amenities replacing traditional pools altogether. For many municipalities, both urban and suburban, splash pads offer a simpler, more affordable aquatics recreation alternative.


(Photo courtesy of Commercial Recreation Specialists) Click to enlarge


With little or no standing water (and thus no lifeguard staffing requirements), but a wide range of water-play options, splash pads represent a natural evolution of the backyard sprinkler cool-down concept. “The nice thing about splash pads in open parks is they’re very cross-generational,” says Ron Romens, owner and president of Commercial Recreation Specialists in Verona, Wis. “They represent a space where parents and grandparents can bring kids. Read the rest of this entry »

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