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January 2016 Edition
Focus Topic: VFDs by H2Flow

How we are changing MPN for 2016

Andy’s Corner – Understanding a VFD

VFD – Code & Compliance Issues

VFD – Client Interview

The following interview is with Neil Greene, CFD, CPO, AI from Wayne RESA

VFD – Vendor Hot Seat with Todd Lyons

VFD – Pro’s & Con’s by Kevin Rodenbo

VFD – ROI Budget Review

VFD – Case Studies

Below are two case studies from H2Flow. The first one features Todd Lyons back when he was with Aquatic Source.

Golf Tip – Proper Grip

For those of you who know Scott Camp, you probably also know that he has a wee bit of an obsession with golf. In our Michigan Pool News planning annual meeting Scott made the case that facility managers and pool operators would be more productive if they had a great hobby (i.e., golf).

With that in mind, MPN will feature great golf tips this year and in return Scott promises to be available for any client who would like to spend the day on the links.