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June 2016 Edition
Focus Vendor: ETS-UV

Introduction to ETS-UV

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical disinfection. Used in recreational, industrial and municipal water applications; it’s one of the most effective methods for deactivating harmful pathogens such as Listeria, E.coli, Giardia and more. It also deactivates chlorine tolerant pathogens like Cryptosporidium.

Neptune Benson’s ETS-UV is used in a wide variety of markets and applications including:
– Municipal (drinking water, sewer/wastewater)
– Industrial (food processing, HVAC, oil & gas, water reuse)
– Recreational (water parks, splash pads, pools, spa’s)

Why UV?

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Andy’s Corner Neptune Benson’s ETS-UV

Client Interview ~ With Chris Bartnikowski ETS-UV

Code & Compliance ETS-UV

Vendor Interview ETS-UV ~ With Tom Schaefer

ETS-UV Pros & Cons

Medium Pressure or Low Pressure for Commercial Swimming Pools?

Tom Schaefer, Neptune Benson, Technical Product Manager:

UV technology has become very popular for commercial pools due to two primary benefits, chloramine control and secondary disinfection for chlorine tolerant pathogens.  Indoor pools struggle with meeting health code requirements for chloramines.  Chloramines are the result of chlorine disinfection, they are responsible for the odor, red-eye, dry skin, and aggressive corrosion associated with indoor pools.  The disinfection properties of UV are becoming increasingly recognized by health officials for addressing Cryptosporidium, or “Crypto”.  Crypto is chlorine tolerant and is responsible for over 75% of Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI’s) reported to the CDC.  This paper will review chloramine control.

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Responding to Crypto Outbreak with UV Disinfection


The Challenge

The waterpark met or exceeded industry standards and health codes concerning water quality, yet still suffered from an outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis, a chlorine tolerant pathogen. Even with meticulous treatment, staff at The Edge waterpark were at a loss over what could have been done differently to protect patrons from Crypto.

The Solution

Owners of resort select ETS-UV disinfection by Neptune Benson to improve air and water quality, control corrosive chloramines, and highly disinfect chlorine tolerant pathogens responsible for most of the Recreational Water Illnesses reported to the CDC.

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