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August 2016 Edition
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Sentry Ultraviolet Light System

ChlorKing®’s line of SENTRY ultraviolet light (UV) systems are designed and manufactured specifically for commercial swimming pools and spas. This cost effective line of low pressure high output amalgam systems offer complete chloramines control for your indoor facility, as well as protection from pathogens such as cryptosporidium, e-coli etc.

Using patented quick disconnect assemblies, our line of ultraviolet light systems offer the easiest disassembly / assembly available and make getting to the quartz sleeves and lamps a simple task.

Our SAG models are available in schedule 80 PVC with 316L stainless steel interior, or full 316L stainless steel chambers, and flange sizes range from 2” – 8” (model specific)

ChlorKing® SENTRY ultraviolet light systems are designed to treat water from 50 – 1,600gpm (model specific) and are a fraction of the cost of higher priced medium pressure systems.

All models operate at 120v with a maximum of 12amps making this line of UV systems very cost effective to operate and maintain. Lamps are rated for 13,000 hours (over twice as long as comparable medium pressure systems).

ChlorKing® SENTRY ultraviolet light systems offer another unique benefit using our dual output lamp technology: While UV is being produced at 254nm, ozone is also being produced at 185nm adding to the sanitization of the water flowing through the chamber. This additional sanitizer helps reduce the amount of chlorine a pool or spa requires.

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Why Enzymes

Enzymes are fundamental components of all living organisms. These inexhaustible bio-catalysts can improve the effectiveness of and even replace very large quantities of man-made chemicals that stream into our environment every second. Broad based enzyme fermentation’s are highly efficient, sustainable solutions to healthier water, affordable food, cleaner processing and manufacturing, improved chemical efficiency. This mindfulness of environmental impact is necessary for growing populations around the globe.

Orb-3 Products harness the power of enzymes and pair them with complimentary ingredients that are derived from nature. Orb-3 Solutions include product lines for Lakes & Ponds to treat algae, sludge buildup and turbidity; Pools & Spa to treat cloudy water, high phosphates, water line buildup and chemical misuse; and Specialty which include cleaners, industrial process optimizers and Minimum Risk Pesticides.

Most enzyme types breakdown large, water-insoluble soils and stains into Read the rest of this entry »