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March 2015 Edition
Focus Topic: Daily Maintenance

Captain Aquatic’s Advice on Maintaining Your Team

March is Daily Maintenance Month at Michigan Pool News, so we’ll start with a quiz.

Question 1: What do Gotham City, Star City, Central City, and Garden City have in common? Are they all in Michigan? Nope. Though it’s not clear exactly where Gotham City is located, only Wayne County’s Garden City is in the Great Lakes state. These cities are all home to heroes that are best described as “super”: Batman, Green Arrow, The Flash, and Captain Aquatic.

Question 2: What do superheroes know about daily maintenance? Don’t they just wake up looking spectacular? Yes, of course they do, but the less-than-super elements of their entourage require quite a bit of daily maintenance. These heroes are only as good as the people around them. Take Batman’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth, the tireless servant. The Caped Crusader has spent countless hours training and managing Alfred in order to get his peak performance.

Question 3: How can YOU get the staff of your aquatic facility to perform as if super villains might unleash a diabolical plot to turn your pool into their own lawless playground? It’s hard. Even our very own Captain Aquatic has had his share of staff problems. His sidekick turnover rate is exceeded only by Spider-Man. So, he’s been reading some management books. Here is what he has learned.

Maria Rodale, author and CEO, knows that being in charge is not easy. She reminds leaders that their staff is looking to them to make the tough decisions and take ultimate responsibility for everything. Yes, EVERYTHING. A good leader never throws an employee under Read the rest of this entry »

Daily Maintenance of Skimmers

Chemtrol Lunch & Learn was a HUGE Success

Over 30 people attended the Chemtrol Lunch & Learn session at the Aquatics Source facility on March 13, 2015.

Ron Atkins, VP Sales for Chemtrol was the guest speaker

In conjunction with Santa Barbara Control Systems, Aquatic Source was pleased to offer an afternoon of training, product information and, yes…FREE LUNCH!! We covered:

  • Controller Operation
  • Controller Features
  • Upgrades & Updates
  • New Products
  • Why CHEMTROL is Different
  • Open Q & A
  • AND much, much more!!

If you would be interested in attending future Lunch & Learn sessions call the Aquatic Source office at (248) 366-0606 and ask to be added to the list.


Andy’s Corner – Probe Cleaning

How AFO Training Helps With Daily Maintenance

Bill Babcock gives an overview of the daily maintenance topics covered in AFO training.

Confirmed Training Dates

March 19-20, 2015 Summit on the Park, Canton MI click here for the flier

August 6-7, 2015 Holland Community Aquatics Center, Holland MI click here for the flier

Scott Goes on a Rant

Click here to download the report Scott is referencing in this video

Expired Reagents

Scott Cunningham shows an example of false testing results caused by using expired reagents.

Tools of the Trade

What does it take to keep your facility running on a healthy track? The MAHC Facility Maintenance and Operation Module offers up some best practice ideas.

By Michael Beatty, Disney’s Caribbean Beach, Pop Century Resorts
originally published in Aquatics International

Aquatics facility maintenance and operation is a critical component of maintaining health and safety. Past outbreaks have commonly found operation and maintenance lapses to be serious contributors to disease outbreaks and injuries.

The Facility Maintenance and Operation Technical Committee sought to lay the foundation for operational improvement. This included examination of all aspects required for an aquatics facility to be maintained and operated in a safe, sanitary manner to reduce illnesses and injuries, including preventive maintenance; maintaining the facility’s structural integrity; providing recommendations for seasonal start-up and closure procedures; routine maintenance procedures during the operating season for facility cleaning and disinfection, including food and beverage service areas; ensuring proper operation and maintenance of disinfection, lighting, ventilation, and electrical equipment; and record-keeping requirements.

Here are five specific questions the Facility Maintenance and Operation Module addresses, and a summary of the recommendations for each.

1. What are the necessary steps to safely close and reopen an aquatics facility for long as well as short-term closures?

Recommendation: Read the rest of this entry »

Verruckt – World’s Tallest Water Slide

If you are anywhere close to Kansas this summer be sure to check out the world’s tallest water slide.

Skip ahead to 5:30 if you want to miss all of their build up to the actual slide run.